Nassos Katsiadramis’ exclusive hairesort celebrates one year of successful presence in the city.

Housed in a new, modern space in Konstantinopolitika, high standards, quality and expertise are the main tools for success here, as they have been in the other 2 hairesorts of the talented hairstylist in Mykonos and Athens as well; so it was clear that the next stop would be none other than the co-capital. The ultimate know how of the staff, the customized approach and the executive services (among which we must mention the keratin treatment, which can repair damaged hair and which the salon is more than 15 years an expert in) are the reasons why this salon remains customers’ top preference!


Tue., Thu., Fri. 10:00-20:00, Wed., Sat. 10:00-17:00, Sun., Mon. closed / Mykonos: my mall, Vrissi, τ. 22890 28841 FB. Nassos hairesort mykonos | athens: 27 anagnostopoulou str., kolonaki T. 210 7221600 FB. nassos hairesort athens |Thessaloniki: 49 17th noemvriou str., konstantinopolitika, T. 2310 931333 FB. nassos hairesort thessaloniki

Nassos Katsiadramis

The beauty expert

Talented hairstylist Nassos Katsiadramis, founder of nassoshairesort has already proven his brilliant expertise with several awards for his art and important collaborations numerous times… A restless spirit, he keeps surprising us! Following the success of the two hairesorts in Mykonos and Kolonaki, this time it’s Thessaloniki’s turn… 

1.What do you think is the factor that makes your salons…and you stand out in the market?

When we opened in Mykonos in 2002, our first and foremost goal was to create a hair salon of high standards that could satisfy the “demands” of the international fashion crowd of the island. This high-standard provision of services, I applied also to my other two salons as well. It is a well-known fact that demanding customers are the best customers. What we give priority in, is the quality, personal relations and the teamwork of our highly qualified staff. What I am personally interested in, is to highlight the beauty, elegance and feminine side of women .

2.What are some of your most important collaborations?

I have participated in many great fashion shows in Greece and abroad. Also, many Greek celebrities and Hollywood stars have shown their clear preference for my work.

3.What do women ask for the most and what should they avoid doing?

Usually they ask for haircuts that require little to no styling at home. What I think they should avoid is to follow fashion trends blindly… we should always tailor it to their own personality.

4.What is the new trend of the season?

I don’t take trends too seriously… In my opinion, women should take the trends and turn them into something personal, a personal characteristic that will make them stand out among the rest by highlighting their elegance and natural beauty…

5. What are your career plans for the future?

I’m thinking about expanding abroad and creating similar hair salons in Boston and Monaco.



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