Choux & Profiterole

Choureal won the entrepreneurship award for new entrepreneurs a few months ago among 90 other candidates,

as it is a unique, revolutionary concept created by Mills Anastasios Skliris and Alice Symeonidou in a small space in the center of Thessaloniki, which can now be proud for the best profiteroles in the city! Its concept revolves around handmade, fresh, fluffy choux and specialization, top products, à la minute preparation and personal participation, since you “create” the preferred profiterole on your own!choureal


The result…? A delicious profiterole (in various sizes), from fluffy choux baked every hour with fresh crème patissiere (with natural Madagascar vanilla) or handmade ice-cream, yummy topping of liquid chocolate, exclusively Valrhona (bitter, extra bitter, licorice, milk, white, caramel, hazelnut praline and warm) and the topping you prefer from nuts and spoon sweets to… red pepper!choureal

Also delicious, handmade, fresh and in many different flavours are the éclairs and the paris brest (choux dough in bagel shape filled with crème patissiere or chocolate). Daily 10:00-23:00 (Fr.-Sat. 10:00-00:00, Sun. 11:00- 23:00).


The premium quality handmade, delicious ice-cream profiterole, with hot chocolate which turns into crust!


It can supply events -if you want to impress your guests!


Soon in other cities as well…choureal


7 Palaion Patron Germanou Str. T. 2310 252766, fb Choureal – Choux & Profiterole



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