For years now it has changed the standards, since it is the first concept food store with a reputation that exceeded the boundaries of thessaloniki… But let’s go see the 10 reasons why Blé is established as a favourite daily habit!

1.The day starts in the morning with scents of fresh baked breads and pastries made by hand in a big variety! For their preparation only selected flour and natural sourdoughs are used and they are baked on stone or in woodstove without any rush or additives. Therefore, the bread has a thick, aromatic crust and a full flesh, e.g. like Agerino, that lasts for… days.

ble2.The display of the self service food corner and the salad bar with unlimited suggestions are indicated for a lunch break -on the spot or take away- with fine tastes of mediterranean cuisine and seasonal ingredients for a healthy and balanced diet. Every meal is cooked al dente style and is renewed during the day, so it remains fresh and tasteful. Create your own dish with choices of your liking from every kind of food and weight it by the pound! Try seafood with espresso olive oil and grilled vegetables with smoked olive oil!ble

3.Here snacks are honoured! Italian focaccia, sandwiches, ladenies, traditional pies with fresh butter and natural farming greens, cretan Shepherd’s pies and pizzas are served with home made juices in different healthy combinations!ble

4. It could compete a french or italian patisserie with pastries of top quality and taste that are prepared on a daily basis. The high baking art meets the sweetness with light fat ingredients, and as a result all its tarts, cakes and minions win everyone without many… remorse!Ble

5.Its ice cream of unique flavours is prepared with fresh day milk and 6 types of belgian chocolate, the freshest seasonal fruits and herbs, without the use of any artificial colours and aromas. There are even choices for special nutritional groups!Ble

6.It is the first micro roastery in town, with nine single varietal coffees from South America and Africa that have taken their place in its coffee bar. Combining them, they make their espresso, filter coffee, greek but also decaf full of taste! Try the macchiato with orange extract for a unique experience!

7. The most famous tsoureki with its velvet texture and rich taste (thanks to the excellent natural yeast that they cultivate themselves) is something you must try since you will see it all year round in Blé’s display! It “rests” wrapped in beautiful cotton casing so it remains always fresh. As for seasonal pastries, the display is filled every now and then by kourabies and 7 kinds of melomakarono…Ble

8.Apart from the art of cooking, for 3 years now it also emphasizes on… Art in the broader sense, since the decorative artist Marios Eleftheriadis displays pieces from museums and visual installations that are constructed especially for Βlé. With this innovative way he smoothly applies Art in daily small moments of pleasure…Ble

9.The reasonable prices in relation to the pure ingredients in its products place Blé in a value for money choice!

10. And most importantly… It covers all gustatory demands 24 hours a day! Also provides services for catering and social events!BleBle



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