One of the best dining options in the city, a chic urban restaurant, on the 2nd floor of Sofouli Shopping Center, in Kalamaria, has managed to become a point of gastronomic reference -and very rightly so!

Its seasonal renewed menu card stands out for the mix & match of premium raw materials which arrive here from different parts of the country and culminate in delicious inspired dishes combining a new age creative cuisine with recipes from all over Greece. The excellent card is signed by chef Dimitris Pamboris and is executed exemplarily by the chef Leonidas Panchiukas. Highlights: The up-to-date wine list, the courteous and professional service and the stylish space. Daily 13:00-00:00 (the Kitchen).


57 Themistokli Sofouli Str. (Sofouli shopping Center), Kalamaria
Τ. 2310 415289,


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