More than 10 years ago, the Tzermia family that has been in the business for several years with many restaurants, created the idea of a place serving qualitative greek flavours that will respect the tradition, the local cuisine of every region in the country, fine wines and distillates with the common denominator in all this being none other than… good company!thganies sxares

So… Tiganies & Schares were created offering a family friendly atmosphere, with younger crowds also preferring it (the interior space is a non-smoking one) and an impeccable service and hospitality. Here we get to enjoy juicy and perfectly grilled meat… in the grill or even in the pan, accompanied by rich salads and handmade appetizers and sauces, without leaving out hotpots and dishes of the day. Daily 13:00-01:30 (the kitchen). The delivery 13:00-00:00 is a plus.

thganies sxares
Must try

• The pork Tigania (fried pork) with wine added

• The mushroom Tigania (fried mushrooms)

• The Kremasto (similar to pork, chicken or beef Kontosouvli on a spit)

• The Tzoumagias sausages

thganies sxaresthganies sxares
12 Kaftantzoglou Str., Τ. 2310 860380 / 3 Katouni Str., Ladadika, Τ. 2310 510284, 


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