Situated on the picturesque paved Athonos Square, rOOTS boasts for being the first vegetarian-vegan restaurant in town, but also for defending a food style and the philosophy that comes with it, at a time when in Greece vegan is at its start. roots

Time, as well as its upward course and its specialization paid off and now rOOTS has turned from a thematic food spot to a hangout with loyal patrons -not only vegetarian or vegans but all those who are looking for a healthy, yet delicious menu.roots

The seasonal card designed and signed by talented chef, Manos Grigoropoulos, a specialist in the vegan cuisine, stands out for its dishes such as the burger with red beans and mushrooms, the nuggets made of organic tofu, the organic kebab made of soybeans, as well as the best seller, the risotto with a selection of mushrooms (including 5 different kinds of mushrooms).roots

A contributing factor to the success is the personal participation of the two owners, the cozy refurbished interior and exterior space (the first floor is also open), the casual atmosphere and the all day philosophy. Apart from food we also enjoy here our coffee from early in the morning to a drink late in the evening! Daily 10:00 until late (12:00-00:00 the kitchen).roots



New: Soon, there will be also a vegan breakfast card!

Plus: Non Smoking Policy


4-6 Balanou Str., Athonos Sq. Τ. 2310 268063, fb rOOTS


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