Soon Thessaloniki will welcome its first restaurant on Filippou street with… recipes from Byzantium! It is an ambient room that gives a sense from another timeā€¦

All the religious paintings are signed by the acknowledged religious icon painter-photographer Lazaros Pantos, it has an open cuisine that will serve dishes from Byzantium cooked by the chef Konstantinos Markou (from Akadimia)! This is a cuisine that has many similarities with the greek, rich with fish and meat, accompanied by cheese and salads, with oil being here too the base for many plates, without omitting any special gustatory combinations! As a bonus, we get the updated wine list. Secret: The hidden garden is a surprise, and inside there will be a painting studio too! Daily 13:00-01:00.


11 Valaoritou Str., T. 2315 537800


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