The undisputed success of the restaurant since day one is a fact!! A modern decoration creates a warm atmosphere, where you can relax and taste fresh dishes of greek traditional cuisine.


The qualitative ingredients and their special combination are the perfect recipe for great results on the plates. From the zucchini balls with tzatziki and the grilled mushrooms with balsamic vinegar cream to the grilled beefburgers and the Rethymno sausage, the restaurant can satisfy every palate! It goes without saying that when you visit such a place called KEFTEdes (MEATballs) what you must try first is its meatballs. And this dish here has clearly moved to a whole other level!This concept restaurant is already a sensation in Thessaloniki and this is why recently its little “brother” opened in Panorama as well… to satisfy also the needs of meatball lovers in the east side of the city. Daily 12:00-01:00.

Must try

• The beef liver with thyme

• Of course… its meatballs



4 Vogatsikou Str., T. 2310 272900 / 17 Papadopoulou Str., Panorama, T. 2315 538282


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