Having a special affinity for gastronomy, Giorgos Evagelidis, who is a chef himself, chose this spectacular preserved building in Ladadika in order to house Kazaviti, which “travelled” all the way from Thasos, the place where he grew up and where Kazaviti has been operating for several years now. kazaviti

The combination of the friendly and cozy atmosphere and style, the team work and the attentive staff has contributed to its success and its breakthrough in the gastronomy scene of the city, having a significant number of loyal devotees. The new menu honours the famous Greek cuisine with traditional recipes that are based on seasonal products, without leaving out more special dishes with a different twist, which make the menu more… restaurant-like. The dishes are perfectly accompanied by the very up-to-date wine lists and fine distillates! Daily 12:00-01:00 (the kitchen).kazaviti


Good Greek live music every Thursday, Friday & Saturday

9 Katouni Str., Ladadika, Τ. 2310 553141 fb Kazaviti thessaloniki


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