Chef Manolis Papoutsakis pays tribute to the cuisine of the island of his origin, Crete, presenting a menu for high expectations in his brand new restaurant in Ladadika allowing us to taste in Thessaloniki the flavours of Crete in a balanced combination between tradition and creativity in fine balance with the cretan culture and of course the cretan vineyard.haroupi

Spacious and minimal space wit kind and specialized personnel. As for its seasonal menu, it’s rooted in the traditional cretan cuisine, with products coming straight from the island. Familiar tastes and traditional ingredients in combination with modern trends and techniques create creative dishes and inspired combinations, resulting in fine and exceptional meals and an interesting presentation.haroupi


Charoupi proves that cretan cuisine is a cuisine that fits in a restaurant and in its simplicity can become a treasure of flavours and healthy nutrition for those who prefer it. Daily from 12:00-01:00.haroupi


4 Doxis Str., Ladadika, Τ. 2310 526262,

haroupiChef Manolis Papoutsakis


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