One of the first to open on Aghiou Mina street, which is now becoming more and more popular, has a successful presence since 2010 and combines artistic aesthetics with a unique gastronomic experience. akadimia

The country style furniture of another era and the works of art by Lazaros Pantos and other top artists are magnificent, while in the kitchen it is Konstantinos Markou who sets the tone with a small but highly imaginative menu list with traditional recipes highlighted by fine ingredients from all over Greece. Take a seat at the small tables outside on the walkway or the hidden patio and enjoy carefully prepared dishes cooked with passion, mediterranean temperament and the freshest ingredients! It also serves breakfast (10:00-12:00) and even kosher food (jewish) upon request! Daily, except Monday, 13:00-01:00.akadimia

Top secrets

• The “hidden” patio that is filled with sunlight is totally recommended for smokers!

• Many of the products come from the privately owned farm of 2.500 decares.

• The brand new El Greco Room, a mystic cellar in the underground floor with more than 300 labels of mainly greek wines!akadimia

3 Aghiou Mina Str., Τ. 2310 521803,



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