Zero waste, plastic free, vegan, organic, eco friendly… save the planet! As romantic and utopic as they may sound, these words seem to have found their home in the brand new The Saints Stores, a vision inspired by Nassos Roufos, which opened in the middle of October just a step away from the White Tower, on vibrant Pavlou Mela street! the saints stores

“The Pure Way of Life” is its motto, which made The Saints Stores stand out due to its vegan approach and the eco-friendly character. It’s the first piece of a puzzle, which aims with its completion at promoting an all-encompassing healthy way of life! A core around which other actions will express themselves as well, regarding nutrition and the “health” of our energy for example…the saints stores

So, starting this wonderful journey from the food, we stop at the brand new restaurant The Saints Stores that impresses with its handmade design, edited by Giannis and Dimitris Mitroulakis, with wooden, carved tree logs, which give the impression of heaven on earth… In the center, the self-service buffet provides on a daily basis about 20 exceptional vegan choices, cold and warm dishes, the recipes of which are signed by Nikos Gaitanos, who has a specialization in vegan diet.the saints stores

the saints stores

A menu that eliminates the stereotype that healthy food can not hold glamorous surprises… It’s the ideal opportunity for anyone who wants to explore other nutritional habits apart from their own, enjoying an energy boost breakfast from early in the morning. A variety of gourmet, delicious, homemade flavours from qualitative ingredients produced by local farmers is at our disposal whenever we feel like having a healthy lunch break in the city… Daily 13:00-00:00 (breakfast 08:00-13:00).the saints stores


• Everything here is served in biodegradable bowls, while the waste products are all compostable!

• It’s the first refill water station in Greece, where you can fill your bottle with filtered water free of charge.

• The 5% of its earnings go to community projects that help people, animals and the environment!

the saints storesthe saints stores

Coming soon

Next step… a market with organic products and even a farm! Also, within this year, the upper space of 200 sm. will be arranged in a way that will allow it to host events and happenings such as Yoga events, meditation events, energy therapies and conferences on healthy lifestyle!the saints stores

1 Pavlou Mela Str., T. 2310 256069, 


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